Dec 7th Hebric and The Tragics at Hollins mill inn Puzzle fundraiser



Jan 11th (Hebric) Grove Leeds

Jan 14th(Bromleys) Skipton Folk club The Narrowboat


Feb 2nd – Feb 13th Neil Holiday

Feb 22nd (Hebric) Bacca pipes Keighley

Feb 23rd (KM) Shammick Folk club Combe Martin Devon


March 2nd(KM) Harwich workshop and concert

March 18th (John) Solo Gig White horse folk club Beverley

March 23rd (KM) Stoney Stratford


April 18th KM) Perth Australia

April 28th (KM) Albany Sea Shanty Festival Australia


May 4th (KM) Rochester Sweeps

May 5th (KM) Rochester Sweeps

May 6th (KM) Rochester Sweeps

May 18th (KM) Brailsford Village Institute.

May 23rd (KM) Ostende voor Anker

May 24th (KM) Ostende voor Anker

May 25th (KM) Ostende voor Anker

May 26th (KM) Ostende voor Anker


May 29th – June 19th Neil Holiday


May 31st (KM) Berlin Shanty festival

June 1st (KM) Berlin Shanty Festival

June 28th(KM) Giethoorn festival

June 29th (KM) ) Giethoorn festival

June 30th (KM) ) Giethoorn festival

July 5th -7th (Bromleys) Cleckheaton prov.

July 26th (Hebric) Private function

August 1st (KM) Bremen Vegesack

August 2nd (KM) Bremen Vegesack

August 3rd (KM) Bremen Vegesack

August 4th (KM) Bremen Vegesack

August 23rd(KM) Appingedam

August 24th(KM) Appingedam

August 25th(KM) Appingedam


Sept 18th – Oct 9th  Neil Holiday


Nov 21st (KM) Topic Bradford

Nov 22nd(KM) St Ives Shout

Nov 23rd(KM) St Ives Shout


Dec 10th (Hebric) Kiverton Park



14th Feb (KM) Wessex acoustic

Oct 9th (KM) Harwich International sea shanty festival

Oct 10th (KM) Harwich International sea shanty festival

Oct 11th (KM) Harwich International sea shanty festival